Do you know where your health and fitness levels really stand?

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fizioLog quantifiably measures, scores and analyzes a user's current health fitness levels in five major categories.

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To get where you want to go, you first need to know where you are.

fizioLog’s Patent Pending proprietary system provides users comparative percentile rankings in each of the five categories.

Our results give a highly accurate snapshot of current health-fitness levels, identifying areas of strength and deficiency.

Credible sources.
Continuously evolving.

fizioLog’s analytics and algorithms are based on the most up-to-date studies available from credible sources worldwide, and are constantly updated as new research and relevant information become available.

A helpful tool for everyone.

Whether you’re an individual interested in seeing your fitness score, a health professional, or a gym owner offering fizioLog for employees, trainers or members, we’ve got your back.


Data for one.

fizioLog is an invaluable reference resource that supplies precise, user-specific data identifying strengths and areas most in need of attention.

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Enhance value.
Increase potential.

fizioLog provides professionals a source for input, storage, retrieval, chronology and comparison of all measurements and assessments of select clients or patients.

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Benefit your business
and employees.

fizioLog is an inexpensive benefit that companies can provide employees, giving them an individualized and confidential tool they can use to improve overall health-fitness and productivity.

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fizioLog’s percentile rankings tell users where they fall within a group, or distribution. Groups are ranked by age and gender. For example, if your total score for Cardiovascular Fitness is 77%, you scored as well or better than 77% of your peers who were tested in that category.

Yes. fizioLog’s rankings are based on studies available from credible sources worldwide, and as more current and applicable data become available, our algorithms and rankings are updated to reflect these additions.

Though obvious, your rankings may also change if you improve or diminish performance in future tested categories.

No. You can enter as little or as much data as you would like to score.

Absolutely. Your clients are able to view real comparative data that can show the progress they’re making toward their goals, identify areas that may need more attention, motivate them to continue their efforts, and validate that your program is indeed working.

fizioLog helps create additional opportunities to expand trainer relationships, and services, with clients or patients.

All these advantages are available at an extremely affordable cost per individual.

fizioLog uses Stripe to process payments. We offer payment options on a monthly basis. All subscriptions are nonrefundable and must be cancelled before the next billing cycle to avoid renewal fees.

fizioLog’s data is compiled from scientific studies published by sources worldwide, and is updated as more current information becomes available.

Yes, especially in the categories of Muscular Fitness and Cardiovascular Fitness. Professionals and knowledgeable individuals will find useful ancillary data (such as strength training workloads, estimated repetition loads, cardiovascular intensity ranges, etc.) that are calculated specifically for each tested user, eliminating an enormous amount of time and guesswork from lengthy calculations.

Other available data, especially in Range of Motion, Balance and Body Composition categories, give detailed information pertaining to very specific parts of the body. This can help individual users identify and target areas that would most benefit from additional attention.