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System Features

User Benefits

System Features

Easy to use.

Simple. Intutive

Easy to navigate. No confusing software, searching or repetitive clicking. Enter your data and we’ll do the rest.


Patent Pending
scoring system.

The big picture.

fizioLog analyzes, translates and scores users’ measured data – resulting in a comprehensive, instant snapshot of health-fitness levels in five universally-recognized categories, plus an overall comparative score.

Generate your unique score.

Comparative scores represent a user’s percentile ranking by age and gender, based on the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed studies available from credible sources worldwide.



Geek out on data.

Regardless of fitness levels, fizioLog allows users to see areas of strength and weakness in each category, helping determine where to most effectively direct improvement efforts if desired.

For users seeking “deep dive” information, in-depth data is calculated, and available for each category and subcategory.


Easy data input.

You select what to measure
and score.

For individual users, as well as health-fitness professionals, inputting measured data gathered from evaluations is intuitive and easy, with multiple available method options. The more complete the entered data is, the more accurate the analysis and scores will be.

Data can be entered for any number of categories at any time. If users only want to analyze a single category, or subcategory, fizioLog will score, and store, the data for just that particular test on that date.



Spend your time productively.

fizioLog offers extremely helpful, user-specific supplemental information for those seeking improvement in muscular or cardiovascular fitness. Calculations for training variables such as estimated intensity levels, workloads, repetition loads, heart rate ranges and zones – based on a user’s current fitness levels – are supplied, saving time and guesswork.


Secure and

Your privacy matters.

The personal information you share with us is important and deserves to be protected. We’ve implemented robust security measures to safeguard your data and prevent unauthorized access. We also adhere to industry best practices and comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations. We're committed to maintaining your privacy and earning your trust every step of the way. When you entrust us with your information, you can rest assured that we treat it with the utmost care and respect.


User Benefits


Getting the greatest returns from health-fitness endeavors requires highly accurate data that’s specific to each person’s conditions and goals. fizioLog’s Patent Pending software provides the information needed to help clearly determine where efforts are most needed, and how to apply them effectively.

Accurate Assessments

Provides a highly accurate assessment of current health-fitness levels in five major categories.

Comparative Percentile Rankings

Comparative percentile rankings are based on age and gender and let users know “where they stand” in relation to their peers.

Track Your Progress

Logs data and establishes a baseline for future comparisons and tracking progress.

Identify Pros and Cons

Promotes overall health-fitness by identifying areas of strength/weakness.

Encourage Personal Development

Helps motivate improvement efforts.

Maximize Effectiveness

User-specific supplemental information on training variables and intensity levels eliminates guesswork.


Clients or patients come to you for results. fizioLog’s Patent Pending software gives you comprehensive, easy-to-understand data that helps show where they’re at, how they’re progressing, and where there’s room for growth.

Precise & Professional

Share accurate, quantified comparative assessments instantly.

Validate Success

Track progress and validate effectiveness of programs or treatments.

Plan Objectively

Develop, or modify, programs based on evolving goals, strengths or weaknesses.

Inspire Progress

Help motivate clients or patients to continue, or expand on, positive efforts.

Streamlined Results

Save hours calculating results and researching credible comparative data/studies.

Strengthen Your Business

Improve retention, and attract new business.


Most businesses understand the benefits of helping employees stay happy and healthy, and many offer various wellness programs and incentives toward that goal, with varying rates of participation.

fizioLog is a highly effective tool businesses can offer employees (from large national gym/fitness franchises, to a small local retail boutique) that allows them to assess and develop their own work/life balance...confidentially, and on their own terms.

Provide Stability

Helps motivate employees to seek continuous improvements in work/life balance.

Maximize Employee Performance

Gyms/fitness/rehabilitation businesses can give staff members the tools they need to better show clients or patients current levels of health-fitness, and establish baselines to track progress, or make modifications if required. Helps improve retention levels, and attract new business.

Demonstrate Compassion

Helps verify that the business cares – both professionally, and personally.

A Happy Medium

An affordable benefit that can help create a “Win-Win” for all.

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fizioLog’s percentile rankings tell users where they fall within a group, or distribution. Groups are ranked by age and gender. For example, if your total score for Cardiovascular Fitness is 77%, you scored as well or better than 77% of your peers who were tested in that category.

Yes. fizioLog’s rankings are based on studies available from credible sources worldwide, and as more current and applicable data become available, our algorithms and rankings are updated to reflect these additions.

Though obvious, your rankings may also change if you improve or diminish performance in future tested categories.

No. You can enter as little or as much data as you would like to score.

Absolutely. Your clients are able to view real comparative data that can show the progress they’re making toward their goals, identify areas that may need more attention, motivate them to continue their efforts, and validate that your program is indeed working.

fizioLog helps create additional opportunities to expand trainer relationships, and services, with clients or patients.

All these advantages are available at an extremely affordable cost per individual.

fizioLog uses Stripe to process payments. We offer payment options on a monthly basis. All subscriptions are nonrefundable and must be cancelled before the next billing cycle to avoid renewal fees.

fizioLog’s data is compiled from scientific studies published by sources worldwide, and is updated as more current information becomes available.

Yes, especially in the categories of Muscular Fitness and Cardiovascular Fitness. Professionals and knowledgeable individuals will find useful ancillary data (such as strength training workloads, estimated repetition loads, cardiovascular intensity ranges, etc.) that are calculated specifically for each tested user, eliminating an enormous amount of time and guesswork from lengthy calculations.

Other available data, especially in Range of Motion, Balance and Body Composition categories, give detailed information pertaining to very specific parts of the body. This can help individual users identify and target areas that would most benefit from additional attention.
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